We see each child as a unique and special individual, who is an inquisitive explorer, a competent and a capable learner with the rights to their own personal journey of change and growth.  

A successful play environment is central for child’s early learning and development. It reveals and responds to children’s individual interests, personalities and skills. 

Strong relationships between the educator and the child are essential in supporting children to explore, experiment, discover, be creative, make choices and express ideas. 

Mutual respect and open and effective communication with parents and families enrich our partnership and pedagogical knowledge. Taking the lead in initiating communication, empowering families and valuing their contributions, we get rewarded with strong supportive partnerships that are paramount for positive outcomes for children.  

In encouraging community involvement in our service practices we create real experiences for children to learn how to live with one another, thrive on diversity and celebrate differences. We accept each family in relation to their values, culture, beliefs and abilities and support children to have acquaintances, friends and intimates among a wide range of people. 

We believe that children deserve the best educators, who are professionally qualified, have varied experience and passionate about children and early childhood education. True professionals never stop to developing their knowledge and practices and are proactive in their own continuing education – with or without prompting from the employer, because they want to be well-aware of the latest research and developments in early childhood area. 

Working as a team and promoting effective communication between colleagues and management are our keys to genuine partnerships, which strengthened by mutual respect and trust, ongoing open two-way communication, recognition and use of each other’s strengths and skills. Accepting critical reflection and involvement in discussion and debate is a way of remaining in line with contemporary practice.