The Nursery: 0-2 years

Room’s goals

Throughout the year the children in the Ladybug room will be given the opportunity to:

  • Recognise their name when spoken by carers and other children during speech, stories and songs
  • Engage in solitary, parallel and onlooker age appropriate play
  • Promote expressive and receptive language through routines, music and language groups
  • Be independent from carers and choose activities which interest them
  • Feel comfortable in the new surroundings of the Ladybug room with the assistance of caregivers
  • Develop fine and gross motor muscles through play an obstacles
  • Express emotions freely and develop a sense of autonomy
  • Participate in experiences which promote creativity
  • Be aware of and practice manners
  • Participate in activities that are set through child observations to develop cognitive skills and abilities

Intermediate: 2-3 years

Room’s goals

The goals for the children in the Bumblebee room are quite extensive as it is a very busy year and a time of immense growth and development. During the year the children will be given the opportunity to:

  • Recognise colours and shapes
  • Develop a dominant hand preference, develop a correct pencil grip
  • Develop concentration span to 15 mins, recognise numerals to 5, route count to 10
  • Develop a sense of self confidence, interact socially with one or more peers, develop an understanding of sharing and turn taking, develop the ability to hold a conversation with others
  • Catch a large ball with two hands, walk along a balance beam for 5-6 steps, balance on stepping stones for 3-4 steps
  • Develop threading skills, threading 4-5 holes
  • Develop an understanding of music instruments and how to use them correctly, attempt to sing and remember song words for 4 songs
  • To develop positive emotions during separation times, to express feelings verbally to both peers and teachers, use of spontaneous manners
  • To be able to wash/dry own hands, to develop and understanding of toilet and nappy routines
  • To be able to use a spoon and fork during meal times
  • To look after own belongings such as hat, shoes, bag etc.

The Preschool: 3-5 years


The goals for the Butterfly room children are:  

  • To begin to write letters of the alphabet and draw recognisable pictures, be able to use scissors with correct grip and control
  • Name basic shapes, primary and secondary colours
  • Increase attention span to 15-20 min, to count confidently to 20
  • To be able to jump with two feet off the ground, balance on a thin beam for 5 steps and a wide beam for 10 steps, hop continuously on one leg
  • Use 8-10 word sentences, speak confidently in front of peers/group
  • To be able to use manners spontaneously, to interact with peers using associative play, to develop turn taking and sharing skills
  • To participate in a range of activities
  • To be able to look after own property, to be able to make own bed at rest time, to be able to put own shoes and socks on
  • Able to separate positively and independently from parent upon arrival at centre
  • To confidently express feelings and needs; respect other children at group times, by listening and asking questions
  • Uses manners when speaking to teachers and peers